The pressure applied by society and government to make business more sustainable, is increasing. Yet steps made towards sustainability are often limited to a few environmental precautions that emerge from a feeling of guilt. But how can be determined at which level of sustainability a company is currently operating and to which level it could be improved? What will be the influence of changes in the business process on employees, environment and profits? What changes will clearly deliver benefits and what changes will be just for peace of mind? A lack of clear references and guidelines makes it difficult to grasp the concept of performance on these topics.


Ffocus Sustainable

Ffocus Sustainable advises on how to make sustainability more concrete. Measurable goals. Clear and feasible objectives that reflect company policy.

Ffocus Sustainable advises on how to make sustainability more concrete. We have developed a new method supported with software tools, to objectively evaluate a company on sustainability aspects, based on research to combine different sustainable principles (like Triple P, Life Cycle Analysis, Cradle to Cradle) with a Systems Approach. This method has been developed from the perspective of production and transportation engineers, people that design and maintain the parts of logistic chains. Our technical background ensures compatibility with production processes and logistics. The method incorporates global management objectives as well as the ability to monitor and improve performance at a detailed level.



Ffocus Sustainable is a young company started by a recently graduated mechanical engineer. Our mission is to increase awareness of sustainability by making sustainability performance measurable.

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